5 “Naked” Wedding Dresses That Won’t Make You Look Trashy

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The naked dress has somewhat been elevated to cult status in the past few years. Celebrities, it seems, can’t get enough of the sheer look and we’ve been seeing it on red carpets everywhere. But let’s get real here—J.Lo getting ready for the Met ball is one thing, and us, ordinary folk, wearing a see-through bridal gown in front of your poor uncle and aunt is a whole other thing. But that doesn’t mean you have to completely take wearing a naked dress off the table. 

Bridal designers have actually flirted with the idea for a long time now. And often, it really is about visual illusion. A lace dress with silk lining in your skin tone is the easiest way to do it—it gives the impression that you’re not wearing anything underneath when in fact you are.

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Incorporating sheer panels is another way to pull off the look. Just be careful to not overdo it and end up with a dress that is all sheer and a few solid fabric panels.

You could also go, for lack of a better term, with half and half—you can have a sheer bodice and a solid skirt of vice versa.

Donning a sexy dress on your wedding is always risky. How do you make sure you don’t cross the line over to tacky and trashy territory (and then regret it for the rest of your life)? Designers here seem to agree that the secret is to not showing it all off, but just parts of your body that you feel good about. Basically, it’s all about moderation. 

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Now peruse 5 wedding day looks that are the epitome of sheer elegance.

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