9 Ways to Set a Wedding Dress Code

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Enforcing a wedding dress code can be a little challenging because some guests interpret different phrases to mean entirely different things.

For some, a floor-length boho dress may be appropriate for a black-tie event. But the truth is, the flow-y design may be a bit too casual for a dress code that calls for formal dresses and chic evening gowns. And while it’s definitely not the end of the world if your guests show up wearing whatever they think fits the vibe of your event, if you care about your photos, setting a dress code is something you should seriously consider. That way, you’ll make sure nobody looks out of place.

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You may also be doing a favor to some of your guests who would find it easier to choose an outfit when they know what is expected of them. 

We reached out to Carats & Cake’s wedding experts who shared their tips on how to get your guests coordinated.

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