The Most Ridiculous Scandal Plot Twists of All Time

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Olivia Pope may be a white hat-wielding badass, but no matter how much you love Scandal’s fierce protagonist, it’s impossible to deny the fact that the show has gotten more than a little unrealistic. [If you’re not caught up, beware: major spoilers ahead.]

When the show began, Olivia’s unwillingness to open up about her parentage was questionable but not nearly as suspect as the reality: Her father runs a secret organization with more power than the U.S. government, and her mother is a wanted terrorist? Umm…

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But no matter how many times Olivia Pope got kidnapped or how many people the president of the United States smuggled with a pillow (yes, POTUS is a murderer too; EVERYONE IS A MURDERER), the most ridiculous of all plot twists came in the Season 6 finale, when we found out that the mourning widow Luna Vargas was actually the mastermind behind her husband Frankie’s murder after winning the presidential election.

Ahead of the final season’s premiere tomorrow (at 9 p.m. ET on ABC), we’ve rounded up the seven most hilariously unrealistic plot twists that Shonda Rhimes has ever thrown at us on Scandal.

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